Thursday, November 03, 2011

More Kitchen pics - I couldn't get it all in one post

What they wanted me to be happy with. I don't think so :)

Different view. You will see we did change the ceiling and added can lights.

What I wanted. I think it was well worth the money. If you can't tell we removed the cabinet (pantry) Now we have more space for the fridge and really we didn't need 2 pantries. We don't "food store" we "Derek store" and that turn around is days not months.

Different view, from the living area.

So we are slowly getting there. I did buy cabinets, as the ones I thought I could live with turned not so livable. I did go with good old fashion stock cabinets from Lowe's, so I didn't go all fancy and saved a few dollars.


So not everyone thought my ideas for the kitchen were the best, I however did. Here are pictures of the before kitchen.

Where we need to put the fridge to have room to open the wall.

Before Kitchen ceiling.

Wall of pantries and cabinets, not very pretty.

Before Kitchen, not to bad but small and closed off.

Monday, September 12, 2011


So not planned was the week long delay in the closing due to the bank. That was a week from hell. Finally we closed on 9/9/11. Now the real fun begins.
My dad changed the locks on the house on Sat., due to the strange people seen leaving the house on Friday evening when I drove up. Yeah, that was a real treat. I think I may have spent to much money on some fancy named locks that oh yeah self lock, so here's to hoping I can remember to make sure the doors are unlocked. I do have a valid reason for the fancy locks. As you know I am a REALTOR an with that lovely jobs comes re-keys. Well, the fancy locks take a good 30 to 60 mins. for the guys to get in. The lower end locks take oh.....5 seconds. I decided to go fancy and yes, that comes with a nice price tag. You should have heard my father, "Does Derek know how much of HIS money you are spending on locks?" "Well, it's in my account so I guess it's mine to spend." Insert evil laugh by me.

Better after picture to follow.

We have popcorn coming down tomorrow and hopefully some paint colors and baseboards picked out before the end of the week. I did buy a nice "ugly" rug as my dad called it. I would love some advice on paint colors. So far Derek wants about 5 different colors of gray.....yes gray is his new neutral.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello..............long time no blogging

Well I let life get in the way again, or just my slow computer that takes 20 mins. to warm up, so I just keep it off. The news this time is I am signing papers on the old/new to me house tomorrow. There will be lots of work to do. I will be posting before and afters of the rooms that I pay someone to re-do for me. See I want to be handy however I find that its better if I pay someone who is handy. What I do need are ideas on where to get good deals and inspiration for ideas. I need a nice modern mantel, updated kitchen, flooring ideas and paint ideas. I also need to know from Andrea and Lacey if they think wallpaper is out. There are some cool new patterns I am thinking I want to do as accent walls or a chair railing with wallpaper. Is that not a good idea?? Well I will post more when I know more. Bids come in this week for some items I know will need to be done ASAP ex. landscaping in 110 weather sounds better when you know you will be paying someone. Oh yeah, I also need Brien to test the soil in the planters for a garden I might do............see I am trying to fit in with my sisters.

Another reason why there has been no post my home computer wouldn't post last night.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

So today I signed!!! Closing tomorrow!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Here are some highlights of my past year. I was able to visit New Orleans for the first time and ate some great food and had a fun time with my office. I went to Chicago with some friends for the Braves - Cubs games. I enjoyed spending time with Derek on that trip and making new memories with him and our friends. I went to Utah for a cousins wedding. I also was able to go to San Francisco for the first time with a good friend Ann. As you can see I enjoy traveling. I almost forget to mention the cruise I went on in April with my office to Cabo. I'm glad I get along with those I work with as Max and Jenni were on 3 of the trips with me.

I am still enjoying my job as a Realtor and the market we are in is growing on me. I couldn't ask for a more supportive and loving husband. He is the greatest blessing in my life and puts up with me working late nights and weekends.

I will put an effort into blogging more and maybe I'll post some pictures of my travels in a few days.